Tired of living near a pond or dugout with stagnant water? Find out what you can do to fix the problem.

Use this Ultimate Guide to find out the health risks associated with stagnating water, how you can do a self assessment of your water body, the importance of dissolved oxygen, and how you can aerate your water body. This guide is perfect for...

 Residential Land Developers

 Lakeshore Committees

 Farmers and Ranchers

 Public Works Professionals

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The Chapters

Here is a breakdown of what each chapter covers.


Health Risks Associated With Stagnating Water

A collection of hazards and effects associated with stagnating water, and how it poses a severe health risk to your children, neighbours, pets, and wildlife.


Water Body Stages & Self Assessment Checklist

A detail explanation on the water body stages and how to accurately assess what stage your water body is in.


The Importance Of Dissolved Oxygen Levels

How dissolved oxygen is the most important ingredient in a health water body and how you can keep the levels up.


How You Can Aerate & Types Of Aeration

An explanation on the different types of aeration and how it can help your water body.


The Fallacy Of The Floating Fountain

You may be surprised to learn the beautiful floating fountain that was installed will not make your water body healthy.


What you can do

Here are some steps you can take yourself.

Find professional help

You need someone knowledgeable to assess your individual situation and to honestly provide you with the lowest cost solutions to handle the hazards that are inherent to your particular pond, dug out or small lake. Specialized knowledge of stagnant water and its management are a must in this situation.

Implement the suggested solutions

Implementing the suggested solutions can work very quickly to put your property back into a healthy state and will be money well spent on the health and welfare of your family, neighbours, pets and livestock.

Maintain your system

Maintenance of your system is also a must! The effort to maintain your water feature will be an ongoing effort that must continue annually. However, once the system is in place and functional it can be very cost efficient and can greatly enhances your properties’ beauty and value.

Voice your concerns

On a municipal level, your voice counts as an informed and concerned citizen – your voice has importance especially when you are armed with the knowledge and facts to support your assertions about the hazards of standing stagnant water in your municipality. The neglected pond, ditch, or swampy area is jeopardizing the health of everyone living nearby.

Who is this guide for?

Are you looking to reduce the occurrence of algae, pond shore muck and aquatic weeds?


Are you a concerned Lakeshore Committee in need of an action plan to reclaim your lake? Provide a detailed remedial action plan specific for your lake for all stakeholders to embrace and implement.

Public Works

How important is your lake for maintaining your municipalities economic viability? Provide a detailed remedial action plan specific for your lake for all stakeholders to embrace and implement.

Farmers and

Could your dugout water look and smell better, and be a lot more pleasant to be around? Provide practical and effective DYI treatment plans and products for Farmers and Ranchers implement.

Residential Land

Are you finding it more difficult to keep the size of your retention ponds down? Are the consultants asking for larger Riparian Zones compromising your objective of keeping the land used for retention ponds in check?

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