RM of Rhineland

Randy Braun is a Public Works Foreman in the town of Plum Coulee, which hosts a beautiful pond in the center. The pond, referred to as Sunset Beach, is Plum Coluee’s major attraction in the summer months with its beautifully landscaped beach. Town residents are very proud of their beach and take great pride in making it widely available to people in the surrounding communities.

“It wasn’t always the case”, says Randy. “Our pond and beach wasn't always as nice as it is today. Going back to the summer of 2014 and few years before, we had several people complain about algae and the muck along the shoreline. You know, the kind of nasty algae that turns your swimming suit green when you come out of the water.”

In the early stages of trying to fix the problem, Randy tried a number of different solutions, including a plan to aerate the pond using a single hose and manifold as well as a combination of pond dye and copper bluestone. His efforts helped a little, but not enough to avoid the complaints.

In the late summer of 2014, Randy asked Clean Water Pro to assess the pond and make a recommendation. We made an assessment that lead to a recommendation of a six plate aeration system, pond dye and a bacterial treatment plan. Since implementing our recommendation in early 2015, Randy doesn’t recall of any complaints due to algae growth in the water. Moreover, Randy says pond sediment, referred to as muck, is down considerably as well.

Needless to say, Randy is very happy with the services and outcomes offered by us.

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Clean Water Pro's services to other people in need of a better place to swim.”
— Randy Braun