Dugouts & Swim Ponds


All of our assessments start by analyzing the dugout or swims pond(s) to better understand the requirements to remediate the water body. Our pond and lake water specialists will analyze the water chemistry, muck, invertebrates, algae species, aquatic weeds, riparian zone, wildlife, and bathymetry to guide us in developing an effective treatment plan for you.

Dugout / Pond Maintenance Program

Let our pond and lake water specialists take the guesswork out of remediating and maintaining your pond, dugout or swim pond. Everybody of water is unique and requires different strategies to control the algae and aquatic weeds. Our staff are trained to read and react to precisely determine the best methods to transform your pond into a beautiful, healthy water body!

Environmentally Friendly Treatments

You can trust that our remediation methods are safe for your family, pets, fish and wildlife. We use environmentally friendly and safe treatments and equipment to improve your pond, dugout or swim pond! In addition to healthier, cleaner water, many of our project ponds have increasing biodiversity!

Expected Outcomes

  • Visibility attractive ponds

  • Decreased muck

  • Increased biodiversity

  • No foul odour

  • Decreased algae

  • Decreased aquatic weeds

  • Healthier & safer water

  • Decreased duckweed

  • Decreased nutrient load

  • Improved water clarity