Fisheries Lakes

According to Manitoba Sustainable Development, angling and ice fishing brings approximately 43,000 anglers to Manitoba to fish each year. These anglers spend about $125 million dollars on tackle, food, lodging, travel cost, fishing services, packing plans and other related costs. This is an important part of Manitoba’s tourism industry and is set to grow in future years.

Overwintering Fish

Our harsh Manitoba winters can at times be detrimental to fish populations causing winter kill. Fish kills take place with DO (dissolved oxygen) levels drop below the optimal level causing fish stress or even fish death. Trout species are particularly susceptible. With climate change and the forecasted warming, DO levels in summer months may be drastically reduced too. Mechanical aeration such as fine bubble subsurface aeration can be used to aerate lakes in summer and maintain an open ice area in the lake in winter to ensure the DO levels are high enough to keep the fish healthy.

Cost Efficient & Quiet

Fine bubble aeration is cost efficient to install, operate and maintain as compared to other systems on the market. The systems operation cost starts at $62/month to operate 24/7. Each system has a built-in restart in the event of a brown out or full power outage providing you with the peace of mind that the system will continue to run. All the aeration systems are modular and can easily be added to if required.

Getting Started

With the initial discussion with Clean Water Pro and MB Fisheries, it will lead us to the next steps – assessment and design. We will need to assess the aeration site to begin the design process to determine the aeration size and location to ensure the health of the fish.