Pond, Dugout, or Lake Assessments

Each body of water is unique and ever changing. It starts with an assessment of the body of water to have a clearer understanding of the requirements to remediate the water in lakes or ponds. We look at water chemistry, muck, invertebrates, algae species, aquatic weeds, riparian zone, wildlife, bathymetric. Once the data is collected and analysed, we will recommend the solutions required to transform the body of water into a healthier body of water. We conduct baseline assessments that are a snapshot of the water at a given time usually at the peak of the problem. Full assessments, typically preformed on lakes, are much more detailed and can take a year to capture a full cycle of data providing a much stronger overview of the data on the body of water.

Fish Habitat Assessments

Clean Water Pro conducts fish habitat assessments to determine what species of fish can best thrive based on the structure and food source available for them. This includes bathymetric mapping, aquatic identification, riparian, invertebrates and water chemistry. Each species of fish has specific requirements that need to be met so that they will not only survive but grow and reproduce.

Lagoon Sludge Assessments

Lagoon capacity is an ongoing problem as sludge accumulation continues to grow. Clean Water Pro will precisely measure the sludge accumulation in the bottom of your primary and secondary lagoon cells providing you a map of the bottom sludge. Our prices are on a sliding scale based on number of acres to be measured. Ask us about our sludge reduction treatments that help you avoid dredging and will save you money!

Bathymetric Mapping

A lot can be discovered by creating hydrographic maps of lakes and ponds. We will provide you with a map your body of water to show depth, weed lines and bottom type.